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Wednesday 15th December 2021.

December 15, 2021

Andres Clemente

Good morning and WTW, Welcome To Wednesday. Today we are chatting with Andres Clemente, he didn’t get a chance to watch anything this week, But I got to watch a couple of movies over the weekend, one was a new Christmas release “A boy Called Christmas” thoroughly enjoyed it so put it on your list to watch over the holidays… I didn’t make up a review, but could not fault it too much, if there was an improvement I would have liked to see was to give the mouse a younger voice as opposed to a full grown man’s voice. The other was “Holidate” which is not a movie for the kids but a good romp comedy!


In the last hour today we join up with Carlos Regalado in Tuscany. Carlos who’s company, Importadora R&M is importing wines into Panama. We take the chance of discussing local Tuscany wines and pairing. No forgetting that they are also bringing in another speciality “Truffles” and not the Belgian chocolate type. Forward to the last hour of todays program to listen to the interview.

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