Wednesday 15th March 2017. Movie review and the International Film Festival Panama.

March 15, 2017

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Andres Clemente

Andres takes a look at the movie  “Kong: Skull Island”….

Starts fast from the beginning, with an amazing helicopter sequence in the first 15 minutes.
Great special effects, specially fights between giant animals.
Bad performances by the most veteran actors (Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman)
All characters have zero development, just there because you needed every stereotype in your survival film (no nonsense military guy, dashing leading man, beautiful damsel in distress, comic relief, etc).
What is Andres’s final opinion?


In the last hour we have a quick chat with Diana Sanchez, artistic director of the IFF (International Film Festival, Panama). Starting on the 30th March through to the 5th April. Get more info here….

Michael Droulliard

Catch up on the happenings in the Great White North, as we take our weekly look at Canada through Michael’s eyes.

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Yesterday, President Juan Carlos Varela sanctioned a law that creates a tourist promotion fund.

President Juan Carlos Varela and Minister of Agricultural Development (Mida) met Monday with a group of producers to address the realities of the agricultural sector.

The commission of the National Assembly that will investigate major projects from 2004 to the present will be installed today at 3 p.m.

The Municipality of Panama began on Monday the transfer of seafood market vendors to a galley located in the parking lots of the San Felipe Neri Market due to improvement works on the current facilities

The Panamanian state publicly apologized for the disappearance of Rita Irene Wald, a 17-year-old student who opposed the military dictatorship and who was last seen on the afternoon of March 27, 1977.

To allegations of bribery by Odebrecht to officials of several governments, a new petition is now being added to investigate alleged bribes received by nine municipalities in Chiriquí and Veraguas.

Representatives of groups such as Somos San Francisco, the Environmental Association of Residents of Coco del Mar and Viña del Mar, and the Urban Citizen Network of Panama protested Tuesday in front of the headquarters of the Panama City Council.

With an investment of $1 million 650 thousand, on Monday the project of improvements to the tourist facilities of Taboga island started.


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