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Wednesday 16th June 2021.

June 16, 2021

It is Movie Review day with Andres Clemente, a bit of a different format today. Yazmin went to see “In the Heights” last night… Which just happened to be the movie Andres is reviewing.. So I kick back and let Andres and Yazmin get on with it. This is however what Andres had to say in his conclusion :

In The Heights is the first musical adaptation since Chicago, that uses the Big Screen medium to expand their world; it takes its big musical numbers and multiplies everything by a thousand, more dancers, bigger stage, different angles, special effects, etc. At the same time, it manages to make the small moments matter more by using close ups and crowded small rooms. John M Chu gives the audience the best of both worlds: the big broadway set pieces and the emotional cinematic drama. In The Heights is an incredibly catchy Musical, fun for the whole family.

Final scores: Yazmin 5/5. Andres 4/5.

In the last hour today, we welcome back to the show Florian Davrou from the Alianza Francesa. Starting from the beginning of this week going through to the 22nd June some amazing performances and Master classes.

Alianza Francesa. Fiesta de la Música


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