Wednesday 17th March 2021.

March 17, 2021

The epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) of this Tuesday, March 16, highlighted that in the last hours there have been 3 deaths due to Covid-19. In addition, a case that had not been registered was updated, so the new coronavirus has left 6,009 accumulated deaths in the country. According to the Minsa, this Tuesday 425 new cases of infected were detected in the country. In Panama there are 348,580 accumulated cases of the disease. The decrease in active cases was also reported to be constant. According to the report, there are 5,561 active cases in the country. In addition, in the last 24 hours another 733 patients recovered from the disease. One point that stands out in the report is that for the second day in a row fewer than 100 patients are registered in the intensive care unit. This Tuesday it was reported that in the intensive care units there are 97 patients and 646 in the wards. There are 4,624 people in home isolation and 194 in so-called hospital hotels, according to the Minsa. It was also highlighted in its report that the country maintains a Rt below 1. This week the effective reproduction index registered 0.92. Another index that specialists highlight is that a positivity percentage of 4.6% is registered. According to the Minsa, this Tuesday 9,148 new tests were carried out in the country to detect those infected.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) continued with the preparations to adapt the 15 schools that will be used for the vaccination process against Covid-19 in the 8-10 circuit, on a date yet to be determined.

The guarantee judge of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama, Meylin Jaén , decided to maintain the precautionary measure of provisional detention for Tony Ng, a 46-year-old Panamanian businessman, accused of the alleged commission of the crime against the economic order (money laundering).

A guarantee judge decreed this Monday, the provisional arrest and the imputation of charges for money laundering from drug trafficking and for embezzlement of use to a security officer of the Judicial Branch, from whom more than 89 thousand dollars were seized last Saturday March 13.

Half triumph. Thus, the outcome could be defined for the Public Ministry of a control hearing that was held to decide on the breach of the debt that Odebrecht has with the State, as part of the collaboration agreement agreed within the investigations into bribery payments that the constructor distributed in Panama.

With four vote saves, the plenary session of the Supreme Court of Justice declared that article 3 and paragraph 2 of article 4 of Law 7 of March 5, 2013, which establishes the regulatory framework for female sterilization, are not unconstitutional.

A total of 134,119 contracts have been reactivated, out of a total of 284,209 that were suspended since the national emergency was decreed, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic , the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) confirmed on Tuesday .

According to the entity, until the cut-off on Monday, March 15, this number of reactivated employment contracts represents 47% of the total that have been laid off in 10,281 companies throughout the country.

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