Wednesday 18th May 2016. It’s all about the eyes!

May 18, 2016

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Dr Jerome Ramos-Eateban
Dr Jerome Ramos-Eateban

How many of us wear glasses? I am sure many, many of us. Today we have a special segment just for us. I am long sighted so my lenses make me look as if my eyes are in a goldfish bowl! There is hope, Dr Jerome Ramos-Esteban from the Lunnetta Eyewear Gallery is with me in the second hour of the program. We talk about their association with Carl Zeiss lenses, this is the specialty all of the lenses are made in Germany specifically to your requirements. Find out more by taking a visit to Lunnetta’s webpage.


It is Wednesday and that means only one thing, this weeks Canada report coming from Michael in the Great White North.

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Minister of Trade and Industry Augusto Arosemena said on Monday that Waked companies have accumulated bank debts exceeding $300 million.

Hundreds of residents of the villages of Pixvae and Calidonia rose early on Monday to close, for more than two hours, the Soná-Santiago road, to ask that the national government build the 41 kilometers of road that would reach some 15 communities in this region.

A group of taxi drivers partially closed Vía España near the Church of El Carmen yesterday morning to protest the mobile platform Uber. ( listen to Gerry’s view)

The Spanish Supreme Court said that the state and the regional government of Catalonia must not compensate the Social Security Fund of Panama with more than 23 million dollars, for being responsible for the mass poisoning in the country caused by a syrup, according to a statement broadcast yesterday.

To carry out the Panama Canal expansion it has been necessary to cut down trees, however, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) reports that for every hectare affected they will compensated twice.

Panama City holds the first place among Latin American capitals for the best communication by air.

With the slogan ‘Rio Hato is more than this beach’ the town prepares to celebrate, starting tomorrow, until Sunday May 22, the fifth Mango Festival, in the grounds of the Rio Hato community board.


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