Wednesday 19th December 2018. Movie review with Andres…. AQUAMAN!

December 19, 2018

Yes, it is that time of the week to take a look at what is on at the movies. This time it is a favorite of Andres and a movie he has been looking forward to. Worth it or not? here are his final comments:

“A very fun, very well made superhero movie. Given the extremely hard task of reviving the character’s reputation, James Wan has done an exceptional job. The story is a great mix of adventure and mythology, with jaw dropping scenes and a charismatic leading man. Said that, the film could’ve turned to revolutionary with stronger dialogue and better actors performing it; still, a worth watch on IMAX 3D.”

After three hours of protest, the ministers  Eduardo Enrique Carles (Agricultural Development) and  Jonattan Del Rosario (Public Security) failed to meet this Tuesday, , with the producers who came out to demonstrate for the breach of a list of requests handed over to the government in August.

The hearing in Miami, on the immigration status of brothers  Ricardo Alberto  and  Luis Enrique  Martinelli Linares, will no longer be held on December 27, as was originally scheduled.

The judge of guarantees of the first judicial circuit of Panama, Agustín Ortiz, endorsed the imputation of charges for the presumed commission of the crimes of arms trafficking (as a primary accomplice) and ideological falsification (as an author) against Ovidio Fuentes, former head of the Institutional Directorate for Public Security Affairs (Diasp) of the Ministry of Security.

In a joint operation between the Directorate of Judicial Investigation and the Prosecutor’s Office against Delinquency they captured in the provinces of Panama and Panama West 20 people involved in an alleged financial crime that affected Banistmo.

A dump truck on Tuesday morning, demolished a power line in the sector of La Cabima.

The confiscation of 557 drug packages in a vehicle and 300 in a port location was seized in the last 24 hours, in the province of Colón .

Due to work at the San Miguelito and Paraíso stations on line 2 of the Panama Metro , two of the three lanes on Domingo Díaz Avenue will be closed.


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