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Wednesday 19th May 2021.

May 19, 2021

Wednesday, halfway through the week! Great morning lined up this morning. Of course we check in with Andres for this weeks movie review. In fact two this week, “To those who wish me dead” and “Woman at the Window”. So what did Andres think? Here are his final comments.

To those who wish me dead: After many years without an Angelina Jolie vehicle, “To Those Who Wish Me Dead” is sadly a miss. The film is incredibly interesting, but it’s 100 times better when Jolie is not on screen. Could watch a whole movie just of the Assassins tracking their target and The Deputy and his wife trying to survive together for their unborn child; sadly we didn’t completely get that movie. An interesting film to catch at home but it won’t make any “Best Lists” anytime soon.

Woman in the window: Netflix keeps giving us mediocre films with big stars attached. Even though we get a really good performance by Amy Adams, the script seems unfinished. It moves quickly, so it’s not a drag, but I recommend watching this if there’s nothing else to watch.

In the last hour today my guest is Sn Ernesto Arias. It was recently in the news that Panama Decide had made an application to the Tribunal Electoral to form a parallel constituent..

“Panama, May 11, 2021. Representatives of the Panama Decide Citizen Movement presented today, before the Tribunal Electoral (TE), a request in which they express their intention to convene a Parallel Constituent Assembly, based on Article 314 of the National Constitution. This is a historical moment because it is the first time that organized citizens present such a request”.

Sn Ernesto Arias

What is a parallel constituent, what are the aims, who is behind Panama Decide? All this and much more explained to us by Ernesto. do get involved you can find all the information here… PANAMA DECIDE

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