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Wednesday 1st December 2021.

December 1, 2021

Andres Clemente

Hard to believe it is the first of December already… It is a Wednesday and that means that it is time to get together with Andres for this weeks movie review. The topic today is Encanto from Disney “Another winner by Disney. They have been able to expand their classic Princess catalog into more fun and diverse family stories. Encanto has a great soundtrack, real characters, heartfelt moments, funny bits and a “dare you not to get misty eyed” conclusion. As a younger sibling to amazing big sisters, felt very related to Mirabel’s wish to shine in the eyes of her family. A must see for the whole family.”

And at 9:30 this morning we connect up with our friends from Importadora R&M, Carlos Regalado and Ernesto Vega. Good tips for wine pairing, this week as we come up for the Christmas period. Not just pairing with particular food but pairing with our friends as gifts for the festive season.  Go and check out these special wines from Importadora R&M at Riba Smith supermarkets.


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