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Wednesday 20th March 2024.

March 20, 2024


Andres Clemente

 Andres is with us to take a look at the movies, this last week he has been to see the new Kung Fu Panda movie No4. He stayed awake but the little one (his daugher) well she took a nap. So what was Andres’s impression? “Kung Fu Panda has probably surpassed Shrek as the most beloved franchise of Dreamworks Animation. And different from Shrek, the filmmakers have been able to keep the story going without jumping the shark completely. Kung Fu Panda, for me, has never been an “Oscars nomination worthy” film, but it has always been entertaining enough to watch with my kids or nephews. Fun outing at the movies with the small ones of the house”.


Nestor Correa

In the last hour today we have with us Nestor Correa the President of the Pan American Conservation Society (APPC). We went to a function last week and were so impressed. Nestor talks to us about the center as is and the work they do, mainly with the sloth. But the organization has now more than 18 years and has been dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in Panama. They receive hundreds of injured, sick and orphaned wild animals every year,giving them special attention.

The “PANAMA NATURE CENTER” project which has just been launched will be developed in association with the Fundación Ciudad del Saber and have technical support from Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, Indianapolis Zoo, Ron Magill Conservation Endowment and American Humane Association. “Since 2005, APPC has rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild more than six thousand wild animals, contributing to improving the genetic diversity of vulnerable, threatened species and in danger of extinction, and manage to create this Center, we know thatit will be of great impact and help for the wildlife of a large number of species.


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