Wednesday 20th September 2017. Movie review with Andres and The Canada Report.

September 20, 2017

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It’s movie review time with Andres Clemente. The movies under the microscope this week… “The Hitmans Bodyguard” and “A Case for Christ” hear what he has to say. Should you bother going to the theatre, or wait for when they are available to stream at home?

Michael Droulliard

Our other regular slot on a Wednesday of course is “The Canada Report with Michael Droulliard.

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Coat_of_Arms_of_Panama.svgThe President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela, announced that the Panama Ministry of Foreign Affairs has activated the Information Coordination Center (CECODI) to assist Panamanians in areas affected by the 7.1 earthquake in Mexico.

Yesterday, the National Assembly’s deputy chairwoman, Yanibel Abrego, asked the Budget Committee to approve the 117 million dollars requested in the name of te assembly for 2018.

The Ministry of the Presidency asked the National Assembly’s Budget Committee -in its draft budget law for 2018- a total of 222.9 million dollars for the National Decentralization Secretariat.

The Eleventh Criminal Court suspended the hearing of the former mayor of the Panama district Bosco Vallarino and Brazilian businessman Alexandre Ventura Nogueira, which was scheduled for yesterday morning, confirmed the Judicial Body on its Twitter account.

On Monday, operations at Tocumen International Airport were seriously compromised by a blackout, due to a fault in the circuits of the internal distribution panel, which prevented the operation of the power plant.

Human trafficking is the third crime that generates more money for organized crime, which is led by drug and arms trafficking. Panama continues the struggle to eliminate it.

Indonesian Film Week is a unique opportunity to discover a film and culture unknown to most Panamanians, an activity that is carried out thanks to the joint organization of the GECU of the University of Panama and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.


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