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Wednesday 21st June 2023.

June 21, 2023


Andres Clemente

WTW boys and girls. Yes Welcome To Wednesday. What do we do on a Wednesday? We take a look at what is on at the movies with Andres Clemente. This week he has been to see “The Flash” which from his review is no more that a flash in the pan! Here is his summary, his final comments. “After a lot of Hype, sadly Flash doesn’t match expectations. The story is fun and incredibly interesting, they bring back Michael Keaton as Batman, Ezra Miller is really good as the Scarlet Speedster, but, the effects are so bad, it completely takes the audience out of the movie. Its imposible to connect to a character that looks like you’re  playing Fifa 98 on Nintendo 64 (The special effects really are atrocious). Probably a fun watch in theaters but it wont be making any Top 20 Superhero movies lists anytime soon”.


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