Wednesday 22nd December 2021.

December 22, 2021

For the first time, since the Covid-19 pandemic began in Panama, in March of last year, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) did not release the epidemiological report of this Tuesday, December 21, due to “technological inconveniences that arose during maintenance work ”. This was reported by the institution, through a statement, which indicates that the work in the database of the Epidemiology department is carried out by an external provider. Theye adds that the Minsa will continue to be informed about the Covid-19 situation with all the usual epidemiological data once the problem is corrected.

President Laurentino Cortizo announced on the afternoon of this Tuesday, that in Panama the time for the application of the reinforcement dose against Covid-19 is being reduced. Cortizo explained that now in the country  the booster dose will be applied at three months, instead of the six that had originally been announced. In the meeting of the specialists with Cortizo it was also approved that the vaccination will be for the entire population over 16 years of age.

On Tuesday afternoon 100,620 new doses of vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer arrived in the country to continue with the vaccination process. That lot, number 49, was received by the regional director of Health of San Miguelito, Yaritzel Ríos. Ríos reported that in the San Miguelito district they are vaccinating at the Nuevo Veranillo and Torrijos Carter health centers, as well as at the Manuel María Valdés and Generoso Guardia polyclinics in Santa Librada, in addition to the vaccination point set up in Los Andes Mall from 7:00 am

Teresina Lineth Vigil Pérez, allegedly linked to the Humildad y Purza (HP) gang, dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering and who collaborated with the Clan del Golfo, from Colombia, was arrested, National police sources confirmed. Vigil Pérez, sister of Elías Vigil, deputy of the 8-10 circuit, for the opposition Panameñista Party, was apprehended on Monday night, at the Tocumen International Airport. Teresina Vigil was required by the authorities since the beginning of this month of December. She was on HP’s 15 most wanted list. Franklin Ariel Acevedo Zúñiga, alias Franklito, head of the HP gang, heads the list, as does Carlos Roberto Aguilar Becerra, alias Rober, who according to the authorities oversees financial operations.

A criminal complaint for alleged irregularities in the use of the electoral subsidy granted to the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement (Molirena) was presented this Tuesday morning, before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor of the Public Ministry. Guillermo Ríos, a member of Molirena, stated that a few weeks ago he presented the same complaint to the General Secretariat of the Tribunal Electoral. “They are using the money to favor relatives of party executives. Also to buy frying pots and household items, ”said Ríos.

The Government Innovation Authority (AIG) must “render accounts” on the duplication of top-up balances in the digital voucher last week, the Comptroller General of the Republic reported. On December 15, the AIG reported that the digital voucher platform was out of service due to the duplication in the payment to 90 thousand beneficiaries, who collected these funds since December 14.

Starting this Tuesday the Institute for Training and Use of Human Resources (Ifarhu) will began with the payment of $ 90 million in competition scholarships and U-Pass to 820 thousand 826 students. The disbursement of the U-Pass scholarships for elementary, middle and high school students from public and private schools will be made through the ID or by check. Meanwhile, competition scholarships as well as sports scholarships will be awarded by checks, ACH or the social key card, stated the entity.

The newspaper La Prensa has been distinguished as the media of the year, for the ninth edition of the Ibero-American Economic Journalism Prize awarded by the IE University of Spain business school. The distinction in the category of best medium for daily activity was awarded to La Prensa. “ Due to the wide coverage of the newspaper on economic issues, including the web . La Prensa was founded in 1980 as an independent newspaper and has accompanied the economic growth of Panama in recent years with a vocation of economic and critical information “

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