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Wednesday 22nd May 2024.

May 22, 2024


Andres Clemente

Great to have Andres back with us this week with a look at what is on at the movies. Well they have made another film of the Planet of the Apes. was it Oh no! Not another remake, was that Andres’s opinion? Well these are his final comments: “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” Showed up at the movies thinking if was just a cash grab by the studio, cause the first 3 films had a definitive ending. Happily I was wrong, the writers and new director, continued the story in a very effective way, created a new endearing main character and world builded in a way the gets me excited for them to keep making these films. You add to that the incredible special effects, especially for the motion capture of the apes and Kingdom became one of my favorite films of the year so far.

We check in with Ingrid who has gone for a endoscopy, here is hoping all is OK. Yazmin check up to see who was born on this day in the world of music. 1959 English singer, songwriter Steven Morrissey from The Smiths, who scored the 1984 UK No.10 single ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’, plus over 15 other UK Top 40 singles’. As a solo artist he scored the 1988 UK No.5 single ‘Suedehead’ plus over 15 other UK Top 40 singles. Widely regarded as an important innovator in the indie music scene, he has also attracted media attention for his advocacy of vegetarianism and animal rights.

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