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Wednesday 25th January 2023.

January 25, 2023


Andres Clemente

WTW boys and girls! Today we welcome back Andres with our weeks look at what is happening at the movies. Yesterday they announced the Oscar’s nominations, so we have a bit of a chat about that and Andres went to see “A man called Otto” staring Tom Hanks. Star rating out of five? Andres gives it 3.5 and Yazmin gives it a 5. Andres’s summary: “Finally an original Tom Hanks film #nomorehanksbiopics. I believe the Tom Hanks genius shines when he plays a character and not a real person or popular book character. Otto is a bittersweet story of grief and love, that will make the audience shed a tear, laugh out loud and leave the theater cracking a smile while drying your tears away, aka why we go to the movies. A must watch, even if it’s at home.”


In the last hour it is Amanda Chu from APROCHIPA who is with us to talk about the upcoming kite festival, see the flyer for more information.


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