Wednesday 25th May 2016. Genetics and Beer!

May 25, 2016

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Yila de la Guardia & Gerry

My first guest on this mornings program is Dra Yila de la Guardia, the title is Doctor but in reality Yila is much more. In fact a genetic scientist who is about to have a paper published in the United States. Her specialty is in the aging process, not so much with regards to increasing our longevity we are naturally now living longer, but in making the quality of our life in the advanced years better.

Rodrigo, Gerry and the Beer!
Rodrigo, Gerry and the Beer!

Welcome back in our last hour this morning to Rodrigo Lam. Rodrigo has been with us a few times talking about his group No Found Name (NFN) but today two things, firstly the beer! NFN beer it is true, will look forward to giving that a try. Also though Rodrigo talks about a new venture helping new artists with their production.

Michael Droulliard
Michael Droulliard

It is Wednesday, time to get up to date with the happenings in the Great White North with with Michael.

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The deputy of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), Benicio Robinson did not rule out that “at some point” a “legislative alliance” could be forged between the PRD and Democratic Change (CD) parties.

Deputy Héctor Valdés Carrasquilla of the Democratic Change party (CD) presented a formal request to speed up the first debate of the bill that seeks to change Article 709 of the Tax Code, in order to allow school expenses to become tax deductible.

The filling of the reservoir at the Barro Blanco hydro project, owned by the company Generadora del Istmo, S.A., began at 8:30 a.m. yesterday morning.

Gisela Muñoz, widow of Lieutenant Jorge Bonilla Arboleda, who died during the so-called ‘Albrook Massacre’ rejected any measure modifying the imprisonment of former dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega, sentenced to 20 years for his involvement in these events.

Uber Panama has announced the temporary suspension of one of its drivers for refusing service to a homosexual couple last weekend.

On May 26, the kick-off of the construction of the Metro Line 3 will take place, with the Tylin International Panama project managers, of the fourth bridge over the Canal and Nippon Koei LAC, of the Panama Metro.

When it comes to educational robotics, it is important to understand that the purpose is not to teach students to become experts in robotics.

Writer Berly Denisse Núñez  who is a medical student has won the IV Central American Prize for a faith-based short story.


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