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Wednesday 26th July 2023.

July 26, 2023


Andres Clemente

WTW, indeet Welvome to Wednesday!  Andres is back with us refresed after his little vacation in Pedasi. So refreshed he is looking at three movies this morning, the new Mission Impossible movie, Oppenheimer and Barbie!  We will take a look at his final comments of the movies and the trailers….

Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Pt1:  It’s another incredibly fun action movie made to watch on the Big Screen. Interestingly enough, most of the new things and surprises added to the franchise (new and old characters) are the weakest link. Still a must see.

Oppenheimer: Chris Nolan is joining the ranks of a few people that can open a Box Office hit, just by simply having their name on the poster. Obviously this power comes with consistent quality. Oppenheimer is an incredible story about human achievement, told by a writer-director that has as a goal of achieving original Box Office hits made with the Big Screen spectacle in mind.

Barbie: An original film about a very old toy. Greta Gerwig takes a simple idea, about a Barbie coming into the Real World, and makes a film with a lot to say. The film is poignant for the times we live in, it’s funny and has great heartfelt moments. Plus the marketing for the film has been huge for the early success of the film.

Yazmin also takes a look for today, people in the world of music who have or would have had their Birthday today: 1941: Neil Landon, singer and songwriter with the band Fat Mattress, which he co-founded with guitarist/singer Noel Redding. He later joined The Flower Pot Men, who scored a hit in 1967 with ‘Let’s Go To San Francisco’ which reached No.4 in the UK Singles Chart. Landon was a member of The Ivy League who had the 1965 UK No.3 single ‘Tossing and Turning’.

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