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Wednesday 26th October 2022.

October 26, 2022


Great to have Andres back with us after a few weeks break, he takes a look at two movies today: “Halloween ends” Its possible that classic Halloween fans might no enjoy this film cause its more of an Epilogue to the franchise than an actual continuation. The film focuses on the influence the murders of Michael Myers have had on the town and its citizens. Personally I loved the path the film went on and really enjoyed the fact that we finally get to see a slasher franchise give a conclusion to its story. Not a bad watch for the Halloween season.

“Black Adam” Another miss by DC films. The film focuses more on Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam (his look, his powers and how easily he kills people) intead of focusing on having a good story arc. The movie also looks awfull. The bright spot is the Justice Society of America, hope we get a movie out of those characters and team.

Mariana Valverde

In the last hour of todays programs, we are happy to have with us from Kimberly-Clark, Maraiana Valverde. The topic is baby stools, what to expect and how to read them..

Guide to correctly interpret the baby’s stools

 The stools of newborns can tell us a lot about their health. Its consistency, quantity, colour, smell and frequency, are some characteristics that parents should pay attention to. Learn to interpret them correctly:

Normal Stools:

Meconium: A thick, sticky, oil-black/greenish substance. It’s the baby’s first bowel movement. It is expelled during the first 24 hours.

Transitional stools: As the baby digests breast milk or formula, the stools take on a greenish color. They are not indicators of risk.

In exclusively breastfed babies: The stools are usually mustard yellow.

In formula-fed babies: The stools are usually greenish, brown or yellow in color.

Once they start eating solid foods: Food can influence the color of the stools, although they are usually brown.

Go to the pediatrician:

Black stools: After the first five days and once the meconium has been expelled, it may be a sign of bleeding in the upper digestive tract.

Red stools: It can be harmless, however, it is better to consult and rule out that it is the product of bleeding or constipation (constipation).

White stools: It can represent a problem in the liver.

Also go to the pediatrician if you identify the following signs:

  • The baby does not expel meconium during the first 28 hours of life.
  • The stools are hard, dry and have difficulty passing them.
  • During the first 2 weeks he does not have at least one stool per day and is exclusively breastfed.
  • You do not have a bowel movement in four to 10 days.

Recommendations to prevent diaper rash

 Diaper rashes are very common in babies. Often caused by not cleaning stool off the skin soon enough. Stool is a strong irritant to the skin. Some recommendations to prevent diaper rash are:

  • Change the baby’s diapers frequently.
  • Use moist towels without alcohol or fragrances.
  • Use highly absorbent diapers of excellent quality.
  • Expose the area to air and apply the protective cream.



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