Wednesday 27th March 2019. Movie review with Andres, this week “Us”

March 27, 2019

It is movie review time of the week. Andres Clemente is with us. Us being the operative word as that is the name of the movie being reviewed this week.

“After winning, with Get Out, the Oscar for best original screenplay, Jordan Peele delivers a nice creepy follow up; and so becoming  the modern king of horror/thrillers. Us, is clearly in Peele’s voice, and with that comes some interesting social commentary about socio-economic class divide. A fun scary thriller worth watching on a big screen, with a really good sound system. Tip for watching: lock all doors and windows before-hand.”

The Public Ministry presented yesterday, March 26, 23 of 47 pieces of documentary evidence during the trial that is followed against former President Ricardo Martinelli, for the alleged commission of crimes against the inviolability of secrecy and the right to intimacy, and embezzlement.

Four of the seven presidential candidates for the upcoming elections on May 5, participated this Tuesday, in a forum to present their economic proposals.

The Commission of Work, Health and Social Development of the  National Assembly welcomed for first debate two bills that modify the organic law of the Social Security Fund (CSS), in the matter of procurement of medicines.

The agricultural sector is preparing to face another hard blow: the possible extension of the El Niño phenomenon  until October, with less rain.

Panama completed the process of de-registration of the 60 ships of Iran, following a request from the United States (US) and as part of the blockade imposed on the Islamic country by the US Treasury Department since November 2018.

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