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Wednesday 27th March 2024.

March 27, 2024

Welcome to Wednesday (WTW). Ingrid was successful in getting the Dentist to get rid of the remnants of her tooth and now it is time to properly recuperate, not just from the tooth extraction but from the damage to her tounge.

Richard Zafrani

Our guest in the last hour today is Richard Zafrani, author of the book “Be Happy”.

Why are there happy people and others who are not? What determines happiness: money, fame, success? Is laughter evidence of happiness? Are your motivations intrinsic or extrinsic? Do you know your outstanding character strengths? Have you ever been in a state of Flow?

(Click for link to purchase)

Supported by sources and tools from Positive Psychology, Richard Zafrani presents us with a clear guide to the path to follow to be and stay happy. With this book, you will discover what is now known about what truly makes us happy and how to achieve it, you will learn to clearly see the false popular beliefs that you must get rid of around happiness. According to the author, being happy is much more than an ideal state of mind, it is rather the optimal state of consciousness that helps boost your energy, physical health, increase your creativity, improve your productivity, make your personal relationships more satisfactory, among other desired benefits. Learning to be happy is possible, discover step by step how to live Happy, thus guaranteeing a better Quality of Life.


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