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Wednesday 29th july 2020.

July 29, 2020

Catch-up time with Andres Clemente this morning in the 8 o’clock hour, we both have been indulging in more Downton Abbey. Apart from that Andres has been checking out the streaming services, one think about the Disney streaming service is whether or not they are going to be able to maintain our attention. For me when I have watched the back catalogue that they have (Star wars etc) will there be anything new that will stop me from closing the account. Again we touch on the future place in cinema for the theatres, with high definition large screen TV’s in the comfort of our homes we need them?





In the last hour today I chat with Bastian Barnbeck of the Waved Foundation, learning through surfing and now supporting the indigenous communities in the Comarca Ngabe Bugle. With the help of the nutrition project Alimenta Una Vida, Club Activo 2030 from Santiago/Veraguas as well as the Ministry of Social Development, the Governor of Ngäbe Buglé and the Panamanian Migration Office, will be realizing a humanitarian visit to the Comarca, benefiting between 150-200 indigenous people with food as well as hygiene products.  Waved Foundation, a Pedasí based NGO which connects education and surfing through an innovative fundraising concept called ‘One dollar per wave for local schools’ had to put its surfing activity on pause, however found a way to continue its support to its existing communities from the Provinces of Los Santos, Herrera and Panama City through food donations and home exercising and now even managed to have its wave expand to the Comarca Ngäbe Buglé. It’s going to be their first ever visit to a community called ‘Llano Seblé / Community of Hato Chamí, which since the beginning of Corona, has not yet received any humanitarian support.  Want to help?

Feel free to join Panama’s wave for education by leaving your own little donation to Waved:
Web donation: (for credit and debit card donations)
Bank transfer donations:
Asociación Waved (RUC: 25040683-3-2019 DV. 20)
Bank: CrediCorp Bank
Account No.: 4010330741
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