Wednesday 29th June 2016. La Vespa, ANCON & the Canada Report.

June 29, 2016

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lavespaParty time tomorrow a “La Vespa” restaurant celebrating two years of Italian cooking. The Theme “Venice’s Carnival” of course. Check out what Diana has to say.

ancon2In the last hour today Rita Spadafora from “ANCON” is with me to talk about the work that is being undertaken by this NGO. ANCON was formed back in 1985 to help sustain the ecological environment, since then they have acquired their own National Reserve in the Darien, one of the largest in the Americas. Now though ANCON is involved in environmental issues such as recycling and and has in place a reforestation plan.

Gerry with Rita Spadafora.

Check out the interview with Rita and also their website for more information on what is being done and how you can help. You can also email at

michaeldrollardAnd it is Wednesday of course that means that we have the Canada Report from Michael Drouillard. Always good to get a slant on Canada with Michael’s satirical eye.

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Within days of the second anniversary of the Juan Carlos Varela government, yesterday his cabinet ministers began to present a balance of the achievements and challenges of the institutions over which they preside.

Minister De La Guardia expects a 45 percent increase in contributions from the Panama Canal to the state in 2017, the first full year of the expansion.

The University of Panama will choose today the authorities that will direct the institution for the next five years. The elections, which will begin at 8:00 am and close their polls at 8:00 pm, are vital: they will chose the next president that will handle a $209 million budget.

President Juan Carlos Varela announced on Tuesday the appointment of Alexis Bethancourt as new Minister of Public Security.

Influenza A (H1N1) is gaining ground in the country, with six new deaths reported yesterday, increasing the number of victims by this virus to 37.

Judge Jerome Mejía, who is handling the case involving former President Ricardo Martinelli, sent a red alert to Interpol for the arrest of the former president.

The Prosecutor Against Organized Crime of the Attorney General’s Office, in collaboration with the National Police, arrested several subjects involved in human trafficking yesterday morning.

Dinoworld dinosaurs have found in Panama the perfect “nest” to birth their message of love, respect and solidarity for children and their families.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Panama Canal expansion, Panama exhibits from yesterday in Tokyo a collection of photos that reveal the development of one of the most complex engineering works in the world.


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