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Wednesday 29th March 2023.

March 29, 2023



Andres Clemente

It is Wednesday and that means Movie Review time with Andres Clemente. This week we have a movie that both Andres and Yazmin have watched. So what to they think of John Wick Chapter 4?  Well as for Andres, “A franchise that is incredibly fun to watch, but I am glad it’s over. At number 4, it was becoming repetitive and over complicated; they are very close to becoming the Fast Franchise. Still, Chapter 4 is a beautiful movie that ties a bow in John Wick’s story but keeps world building in this underworld of assassins. Plus the fight scenes are still awesome”.  And Yazmin? “I’ll just give it 2 out of five”

Caroline Alcock Deputy head of UK Embassy Panama

In the last hour today our guest is Caroline Alcock Deputy head of the UK Embassy. Caroline is here to talk about an upcoming event to honor the coronation of King Charles lll, which is taking place on the 6th May. KCP Invitation.

If you are a UK citizen here in Panama and would like to attend please click on the above link in order to make a reservation to attend the event on the 6th May 0600 hours at the British Ambassadors residence.

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