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Wednesday 29th November 2023.

November 29, 2023


Andres Clemente

Movie time on today’s program, Andres is with us, this week he tales a look at the movie Napoleon, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Andres final comments on the movie? “An epic biopic that tries to teach history, but with the filmmaker’s point of view.┬áIt ends up being a biopic by the numbers. For those hoping for a Gladiator, they will be heavily disappointed”.

We have our chat with Yazmin in the last hour and also take a look at who was born on this day in the world of music. One of my favorites from the 1960’s. Born in 1941: Denny Doherty, from American folk rock vocal group The Mamas & the Papas who had the 1965 hit ‘California Dreamin”, the 1966 US No.1 single ‘Monday Monday’ and the 1967 hit ‘Dedicated to the One I Love’. Doherty started his musical career in 1956 with a band called the Hepsters.

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