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Wednesday 30th June 2021.

June 30, 2021

Wednesday means we take a look at what is on at the movies. Andres Clemente is with us for a review of the latest Fast and Furious movie, the ninth in the franchise. Also giving her review comments is Yazmin who went to see the movie also… Andres sums it up like this…   “The famous saying “Jumping the Shark” came from the popular show “Happy Days”, when The Fonz jumps a shark while practicing competitive water skiing.  Ever since that moment, when a TV show or film franchise loses its focus or becomes absurd the term is mentioned. Well… The Fast franchise “Jumped the Shark” in Fast 8, so in this one they take it a step further and just treat their fans like dumb children with an Energy Drink addiction. The film’s absurdity has stopped being fun and it’s now kind of insulting. If you’re a fan of the franchise, it’s worth watching if you have nothing else to watch, and to see how they try to give an ending to this insane movie franchise.”

In the last hour we are joined by Anita Littesy President of the American Society in Panama and our very own Ingrid McCartney not intrepid reporting today but as her role in the Society which is celebrating 90 years this year. Also this coming weekend a celebration of Independence Day July the 4th. Find out more here….

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