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Wednesday 31st May 2023.

May 31, 2023


Andres Clemente

It is our midweek program and a busy day today. Firstly, Welcome to Wednesday (WTW). Andres is back with us after our vacation and today he takes a look at the new Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”, plenty of positives and negatives but Andres’s final conclusions? Here they are “Coming in with low expectations, the film surpasses them by a mile. I still am not on board with remaking recent GREAT Disney titles, but Little Mermaid was very enjoyable. The music is still great, the new additions work well as catchy tunes and as storytelling devices and mostly all performances give more nuance to the animated characters. Take your young kids, they’ll love it.”

Paula VillaseƱor

Our guest in the last hour of todays program is Paula VillaseƱor, Director of Corporate Communication for P&G Central America. Our topic for today? Bringing to Panama the #PrideSkill movement, which aims to make visible the equality and inclusion of LGBTQI+ professionals in the labor market, and in turn, create a network of allies and inclusive companies. It invites LGBTQI+ professionals and community allies to add Pride as a skill to their professional profile on LinkedIn and invite community partners and companies to share the message to promote more inclusive recruitment processes. (more info here)

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