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Wednesday 3rd July 2024.

July 3, 2024


Andres Clemente

Andres is with us this mooning and we are going to talk about a movie that we have both watched on Netflix, it is called “S Family Affair”. And we are both in unison as to our thoughts, a good way to spend a couple of hours. Final comments from the both of us? “Charming and gratifying rom-com. I believe this could be a nice jumping-off point for Joey King. Nicole Kidman proves again her amazing talent for any genre and Zac Efron is probably at his best with comedy. A film made for home, a fun and relaxing less than 2 hour film. Too bad it wasn’t at Christmas time”.

Roberto, Gerry & Hilary

In the last hour today Hilary Hughes is with us to talk about an upcoming event that will take place at the Museo del Canal. Also with us is actor Roberto Thomas who stars in the play.

The Canal Museum is pleased to present  “The Pure Purity of Light”, a theatrical production arriving at the Museum to foster reflection and invite conversation about power dynamics between men and women.

Dates: Thursday, July 18, and Friday, July 19.
Donation: $25
Get your tickets: In the bio or by visiting
Suitable for 18+ age.

This play, created by Panamanian author and playwright Xavier Stanziola, four-time winner of the Ricardo Miró award, features a protagonist named Catalina who discovers painful realities during her internship at a research center, confronting workplace harassment and manipulation experienced by many women in our country.

Currently, according to the ILO, 23% of people have suffered workplace harassment, and the majority are women. With “The Pure Purity of Light”, we aim not only to raise awareness but also to motivate us to become agents of change. From the Canal Museum, we invite you to support this play, which is a call for reflection and solidarity.

Join us in this play that seeks to raise awareness about workplace harassment of any person, under any circumstance. It’s time for these stories to be told and heard, and for us to work together to eradicate them for good!

Your support is crucial to amplify the message and promote a safer and fairer working and educational environment for everyone.

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