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Wednesday 5th August 2020.

August 5, 2020

Sorry for those listening that did not get the first hour this morning which was due to a technical fault, the full program is on this page.



We pick up with Andres in the eight o’clock hour to see what he has been watching and what is coming up in the future. One interesting item is that Disney have announced that they are going to premier “Mulan” on their streaming service. But wait for it, at a cost of $30, that is what they want to charge you, to watch on a streaming service that you already subscribe to and on your TV.My perspective on that “In your dreams”.




And in the last hour we catch up with Melissa Graham, Alpacachino and friends. Melissa has tomorrow at 7pm a live show on Zoom, an hour of fun with your favorites and a new character. you can get your tickets from Tustiquetes just follow the link.

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