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Wednesday 6th January 2021.

January 6, 2021

Welcome back for the first time in 2021, Andres Clemente with our movie reviews of the week.

Two from Andres this morning Wonder Woman 84 and Soul… As for Wonder Woman, Andres sums it up as follows; “Expectations were high but sadly the film felt short; not because it’s really bad, but because it wasn’t a huge spectacle. Patty Jenkins decided to focus on a more personal story for Diana, and to give audiences an intermission film between Wonder Woman’s first appearance in WWI and her arrival to the Present Day. In conclusion, this film is the “Quantum of Solace” of Wonder Woman movies, does that mean we’re getting the “Skyfall” for number 3?”

As for Soul? “Pete Docter has shown us a beautiful and heartbreaking marriage and life with  “Up”, a coming-of-age story of emotions with “Inside Out” and now the purpose of living with “Soul”. He is pound for pound, the best creator, animator and creative storyteller working today. Soul is a very adult themed animated film with great music, performances and a beautiful life lesson. Worth the watch.”

Well as for me the movie that both I and the “good lady” enjoyed was The Accountant staring Ben Affleck. We watched a bit tongue in cheek as that is my wife’s profession. The story line we felt to be good but for me a bit predictable but not detracting from the movie. Ben Affleck plays the Accountant come Assassin well, let’s just hope the wife is not looking for a part time career!

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