Wednesday 6th January 2021.

January 6, 2021

In the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) it was stressed that the reproduction index registered a decrease, from 1.10 to 0.88. However, the authorities warned that this Rt has to be maintained for two periods, that is, 14 consecutive days for a change in the number of new cases to be observed. 3,540 new cases of people infected with the virus were detected. In addition, there are 49,445 active cases in the country. With the 41 new deaths in the country, a total of 4,238 accumulated deaths.  It was also confirmed that the percentage of positivity in the country is 28.8%.  2,434 hospitalized, of which 2,207 are in a ward and 227 in an intensive care unit.

At the Nicolás A. Solano hospital, in La Chorrera (West Panama), a new room is being adapted for the care of patients with Covid-19 , which will have a capacity for 25 people. This was reported by Yamilka Abad, medical director of the hospital in La Chorrera.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erika Mouynes, reiterated, this Tuesday, that the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer normally does not publish its delivery date of products until 5 days before shipment. This, for a logistics issue. “We have a commitment of 450 thousand (doses) for the first quarter, what we announced Monday were the first batches of the period. Vaccines will be arriving every week, “said the minister on Telemetro Reporta .

The Foundation for the Development of Citizen Freedom (Panamanian chapter of Transparency International) presented to the ministers Erika Moynes (Foreign Relations) and Luis Francisco Sucre (Health), two requests for access to public information in relation to the acquisition of doses of vaccines and treatments against the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19).

The Attorney General of the Nation, Eduardo Ulloa , announced that, in an initial analysis that has been carried out, it has been concluded that the Odebrecht company has breached the penalty agreement that it was imposed on them. According to Ulloa, said company “has not paid what was due” for the years 2019 and 2020.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced that the application registration form for vaccination against Covid-19 – which is available on the site – corresponds to phase 4 of the vaccinations. The phases (there are 4 in total) includes the general population.

The Ombudsman, Eduardo Leblanc, through a letter asked the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, to guarantee users the acquisition of medicines without gender restriction during the quarantine that governs the country.

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