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Wednesday 6th October 2021.

October 6, 2021

Today being Wednesday is Movie Review day with Andres. But today all three of us are having a go, we all went to see the new Bond Movie “No Time to Die”. Interesting as everyone has their own James Bond and different views of the movies over the years. Anyway here is Andres’s take on the movie… “The last outing by Daniel Craig as James Bond is a bittersweet ending, both emotionally and critically. The film has some great action set pieces, very cool Bond like gadgets and vehicles, emotional depth and franchise conclusion; all this greatness with a weak villain plotline. It creates a problem from thin air and never really convinces the audience of its connection to our main characters. Still, just the fact that a Bond actor receives a complete character arc during its stint as 007 is worth the admission price. Must see.”

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