Wednesday 8th February 2017. Movie review, “Manchester by the Sea” and Tutorez

February 8, 2017

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Andres Clemente


Manchester by the Sea is our movie review with Andres this week, a janitor in Boston is named guardian of his nephew after his brother dies. He needs to go back home and forced to confront his demons. Casey Affleck’s performance is layered and controlled. You see the sadness in the character, and the way he avoids confrontation to prevent from completely breakdown.

Michael Droulliard

No Wednesday is complete without the Canada report, get up to date with the Great White North with Michael.

In the last hour today a great project it is called Tutorez telling us about this learning platform is CEO and Co-Founder Alejandro Carbonell. A great way to find a tutor for that subject you always wanted to learn about.


Alejandro Carbonell & Gerry

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Judge Harry Diaz presented, in a letter to Court President Jose Ayu Prado, his opposition to project 245 of “effective collaboration”, that would allow penalty agreements to drop the charges against the accused.

For the third time, the National Assembly has closed a session without concluding the debate on proposed judicial reforms aimed at reducing prison overcrowding and streamlining investigations.

Deputies from the different groups met with Electoral Tribunal (TE) technicians to analyze specific issues of draft law 292, which reforms the Electoral Code.

The Credentials Committee of the National Assembly has rejected a complaint filed by former President Ricardo Martinelli against Eric Estrada, director of the Institutional Protection Service (SPI), for alleged crimes against public administration.

Yesterday, comptroller General Federico Humbert ordered that all vehicles of the State circulating without a license or identification should be stopped by the Transit and Land Transport Authority (ATTT).

The Ministry of Labor revealed Tuesday that it will follow up on companies that recently “opted to make personnel adjustments.”

Provinces of Panama, Colón and Chriquí are the regions where more taxi quotas have been granted, reported the Transit and Land Transport Authority (ATTT).

In 2016, the Social Security Fund (CSS) did not use $67.5 million that were allocated for the purchase of drugs and other medical supplies, according to a recent report from Panama’s leading social security agency.

The Rector of the University of Panama, Eduardo Flores, informed through his Twitter account that those students who enroll in careers such as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy or History will have a scholarship every month.


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