Wednesday 8th June 2022.

June 8, 2022


The Ministry of Health (Minsa) registered 3,523 new cases of covid-19 in the last 24 hours, while three deaths were confirmed. According to data from the Department of Epidemiology of the Minsa, the 3,523 were detected after the application of 16,091 tests, for a positivity of 21.9%. Likewise, it is reported that three deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours for a cumulative of 8,279 deaths since the pandemic arrived in the country in March 2020. The lethality is 0.9%. Regarding the active cases, it is specified that they add up to 26,583. Of this number, 26,287 are in home isolation and 296 hospitalized. Those in isolation are divided into 26,248 at home and 39 in the hospital hotels. Regarding those hospitalized, it is detailed that 263 are in the ward and 33 in intensive care.

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, reported that the “get vaccinated in your neighborhood” strategy, which brings the doses against covid-19 closer to people’s surroundings, will be extended to the rest of the country. Sucre explained that the strategy will be extended through the coordination of the head of Nursing of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Eusebia de Copete, and the director of the Expanded Program on Immunization, Itzel Hewitt. De Copete and Hewitt will coordinate with the regional heads to develop the program in the provinces.

After concluding the investigations, the Attorney General of the Administration, Rigoberto González, ordered on May 16 the file of the file of the complaints against officials of the State Radio and Television System (Sertv) for the broadcast of a video of the vice president and minister of the Presidency, José Gabriel Carrizo. At the beginning of this investigation, on April 29, González sent a copy of the complaint and the case file to the General Electoral Prosecutor’s Office with the intention that it “carry out the procedure that is appropriate by law.” Although the file was ordered on May 16, it was not until June 7 that González’s decision became known after concluding the preliminary investigation.

The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo , was criminally denounced for having sanctioned the law that reconfigures the electoral circuits in the country, one day after that norm was demanded before the Supreme Court. The lawyer Abdiel González Pereira filed the complaint against Cortizo this Tuesday, June 7, in the Commission on Credentials, Regulations, Parliamentary Ethics and Judicial Affairs of the National Assembly , for the alleged commission of the crime of abuse of authority and violation of public duties. According to the complainant, Cortizo did not comply with a ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice, when sanctioning Law 299 of May 5, 2022 , on the election of deputies in the 39 electoral circuits in the country. The law was proposed by the Electoral Tribunal last February.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office filed an accusation against five people for the alleged commission of the crime of embezzlement to the detriment of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides) for mismanagement of funds detected in the Fundación Chilibre Panama shelter (Funchipa). During a hearing held this Monday, June 7, the guarantee judge Hiroko Tinoco admitted the presentation of 20 pieces of testimonial evidence, 13 expert witnesses and 54 documentaries provided by the Prosecutor’s Office. During the intermediate phase hearing, prosecutor Yasmina Montoya requested the application of a sentence of 15 years in prison for the accused, due to the seriousness of their crime.

Sandra Castillo, judge of guarantees of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama, did not agree this Tuesday, June 7, to a request to change the precautionary measure of home retention for periodically reporting before the Public Ministry for one of those involved in the investigation of the swabs that were made to travel to the islands of Taboga and Contadora. The defense attorney, Kevin Reid, also requested for his client, Carmen Arosemena, 49, the precautionary measure of prohibition to leave the country.

The Rice Agrifood Chain decided by consensus, this Monday, June 6, to import 600,000 quintals of this grain in shell, and thus guarantee supply to the population. The decision was made by the chain, made up of the unions of producers, millers, food distributors, Acodeco and consumers, in a meeting, after almost five hours of analysis and deliberations. The Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama, participated in the meeting. The Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida) reported that the decision was made through a vote in which all the actors in the chain participated and after reports presented on the supply calculations, prepared by officials of the Consumer Protection and Defense Authority. of the Competition (Acodeco) and Mida technicians. Minister Valderrama congratulated all the members of the chain for reaching an agreement that will help guarantee the food security of Panamanians. He added that the approval of this quota will give the country more supplies, due to the existing problems due to the lack of supplies and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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