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Wednesday 9th August 2023.

August 9, 2023


Andres is with us in the eight o’clock our this morning for our weekly what to watch, or in some cases what not to watch. This week an Apple TV series called Hijack starring Idris Alba…

Lynda Faye Schmidt

In the last hour we have with us in the studio author Lynda Faye Schmidt. In here own words. “I am a storyteller who writes from the heart. I write literary fiction that is emotionally impacting and character-driven. I’ve written a guided journal and I post a monthly blog on my website, In my writing, I unpack themes that explore what it means to be human, such as overcoming adversity, resilience, transformation, love, and loss.

Before becoming a writer, I earned a Bachelor of Education at the University of Calgary. I taught in a variety of settings, from elementary to junior high, over a twenty-five-year career, sharing my love of reading, writing and creating with children while raising three children.

After moving to the Middle East in 2015, I kicked off my writing career with my blog, Musings of an Emotional Creature. I was also a contributor for DQ Living magazine.

I am a Canadian expat, living in Panama with my husband, David. I believe that solid routines are the foundation for my wellness. I spend my days writing, practicing yoga, exercising in my home gym, learning Spanish, spending time in nature and connecting with the people I love.”

I have published four books, in partnership with Anne O’Connell at OC Publishing:

April 23, 2021: The Healing

April 23, 2022: The Holding

October 23, 2022: The Holding & The Healing Companion Journal

April 23, 2023: The Rogue Scorpion


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