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Wednesday 9th March 2022.

March 9, 2022


Katherine Buxtron

WTW, Welcome To Wednesday. Joining us in the last hour from Austin Texas this morning is Katherine Buxtron of Gram Danse. They have a new production running for three days starting tomorrow.

This collective creation of physical theatre – which fuses theatre with contemporary dance techniques and vertical dance on the wall – touches on various themes such as the harmful spiral of indebtedness faced by many families and its repercussions, and the protectionist maternal instinct, which can lead a woman to be both protagonist and victim of violence.“No Return” is the result of a month-long creation residency guided by colombian choreographer, dancer and teacher Angélica Acuña, with the contributions of the performers/co-creators of CÍA. Gramo Danse – Leo Bermúdez, Ximena Eleta de Sierra and Andrea González – and Angel Gutiérrez, special guest.Moving between moments of tenderness, abuse, despair, play and aggression, we will take you on a journey without turning back..

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