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Wednesday 9th September 2020.

September 9, 2020

Movie and Streaming review for this week with Andres Clemente. He watched “Mulan” and was very impressed. It is a remake yes, but this time with a more adult slant to it. No music, no talking animals and story line the same but adapted for an older audience. As for me I started a new series on Netflix “Away” about a mission to Mars. OK so I am only in to the second episode but concerned that I am having a Deja Vue experience. Same old, same old? I hope not, but so far it is the usual dilemma in leaving the family, a crew that is partly hostile to its Commander. Are we in for the usual, something has gone wrong, cannot get to Mars and have to explore the galaxy before we get home? Hope not. Still plugging away at Downton Abbey and loving it!




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