Wisy recognized as Nasdaq Milestone Make

June 3, 2020

Wisy has addressed the growing worldwide concern about getting essential products, from food to medicines, in a safe and timely way, by enabling companies provide contactless services to protect their customers and their staff. Wisy´s technology enables companies to process high volumes of orders from any channel, remotely coordinate with their staff, automate tasks using artificial intelligence, and maintain close communication with customers.

As Min Chen, co-founder and CEO of Wisy, commented, “Being a Nasdaq entrepreneur helped position Wisy in the global leagues and, at a personal level, deepened my understanding of the role that I have to play as a woman in the field of technology. This has been a milestone that confirms our value to support businesses that serve families around the world.  With our technology, we are helping families receive their essential products in a fast, safe way and at reasonable prices.”

From its creation in 2016, Wisy set the goal to expand to Silicon Valley and a few years later, in 2018, it operates from its headquarters in San Francisco where it has consolidated as a global venture serving companies in different continents.

Wisy´s vision is to create technological solutions to solve global problems. During these moments of crisis, when the world changed overnight, companies have had to adapt to new commercial realities, but most of them were not ready to continue operating and offering their products through new channels. A great deal of businesses don´t offer contactless services or are not able to efficiently manage orders, curbside pickups and deliveries.

As a result of its value proposition to solve global problems, Wisy has been recognized by the most prestigious innovation programs in Silicon Valley such as Carnegie Mellon VentureBridge, SAP.iO, Plug, and Play and Nasdaq Milestone Maker.

Wisy will continue to develop technology that will transform the way we work, collaborate, and serve to societies in the future. To do that, its team monitors the current and future needs of the society and works closely with its customers to co-innovate, and to create social and economic wellness.

About Wisy:

Wisy is a startup headquartered in Silicon Valley, originally created in City of Knowledge, Panama, that supports manufacturers and retailers of fast-moving consumer goods in transforming their business towards the new economy through mobile technology, geospatial data, and artificial intelligence.

Credit: Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.

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