Monday 11th January 2021.

January 11, 2021

You, me and the music on this Monday morning.

Monday 11th January 2021.

January 11, 2021

Second week of Lock Down. Latest Covid report. Changes to laws on access to information?

Monday 4th January 2021.

January 4, 2021

You, me and the music. Nostradamus says things will get better!

Monday 4th January 2021.

January 4, 2021

Covid-19 cases increasing alarmingly, as Panama and West Panama go into full lockdown.

Monday 21st December 2020.

December 21, 2020

Impacta helping the indigenous communities and a Neurological Surgeon automating you home.

Monday 21st December 2020.

December 21, 2020

Covid, taking a grip… Keep fireworks away from children!

Monday 14th December 2020.

December 14, 2020

Charlotte Church on the upcoming American Zoom event 19th December.

Monday 14th December 2020.

December 14, 2020

Covid cases update, the aeronautical authorities shut down Venezuela flights.

Monday 7th December 2020.

December 7, 2020

How about boating without all the hassles that come with boat ownership… Carefree Boating my guest this morning.

Monday 7th December 2020.

December 7, 2020

Covid cases increasing, vaccine due in the first months of 2020.

Monday 30th November 2020.

November 30, 2020

Painted doors auction to raise funds for AVACA, looking after Casco Antiguo.

Monday 30th November 2020.

November 30, 2020

Covid, Bicentennial suggestions coming in, and Kurt Elling & Danilo Perez nominated for a Grammy

Monday 23rd November 2020.

November 23, 2020

You, me, the music, a pinch of Yazmin and we check in with Ingrid.

23rd November 2020.

November 23, 2020

Covid-19 update, two legal entities looking at Ricardo Martinelli and Panama hands over WYD to Portugal.

Monday 16th November 2020.

November 16, 2020

The SImon’s Brothers Band talk about the new single release.

Monday 16th November 2020.

November 16, 2020

Covid update, Hurricane Iota heading for Nicaragua, President hesitates signing of Mental Health law.

Monday 9th November 2020.

November 9, 2020

In the last hour today, The Producers Market with Diego Bodart Miro.

Monday 9th November 2020.

November 9, 2020

Covid cases up, Eta brings destruction to Chiriqui.

Monday 2nd November 2020.

November 2, 2020

Bastian talks about Elige Tu Camino,and we are away until Friday.

Monday 2nd November 2020.

November 2, 2020

COvid update. Association of bars and restaurants etc come to agreement to negotiate leases.

Monday 26th October 2020.

October 26, 2020

You, me the music, Yazmin and Ingrid.

Monday 26th October 2020.

October 26, 2020

Covid, beaches open up, and the 10th International Festival of Arts.

Monday 19th October 2020.

October 19, 2020

Welcome to a brand new week… You, me and the Music….

Monday 19th October 2020.

October 19, 2020

Covid numbers holding steady and a new shelter for rescued animals.

Monday 12th October 2020.

October 12, 2020

Making cycling mainstream in Panama, my guest Juventino Quiroz.

Monday 12th October 2020.

October 12, 2020

More openings especially in the tourism sector, but with controversial restrictions.

Monday 5th October 2020.

October 5, 2020

Two local journalists podcast gets them accepted on the Google Podcasts creator program.

Monday 5th October 2020.

October 5, 2020

New openings for this Monday, and banks see 48 percent drop in business.

Monday 28th September 2020

September 28, 2020

You, me and the music. Happy Monday!

Monday 28th September 2020.

September 28, 2020

COvid-19, New openings today Malls Retail). Proposal to promote urban gardening.

Monday 21st September 2020.

September 21, 2020

Two year hard surface protection from virus’s, how does it work we chat with PanAura Technologies.

Monday 21st September 2020.

September 21, 2020

Covid-19 update and Fishermen presented with their licenses.

Monday 14th September 2020.

September 14, 2020

 A relaxing start to the week, today it is just you, me and the music..Enjoy.

Monday 14th September 2020.

September 14, 2020

Lock-down relaxed allowing free movement. Tourism sector will take a long time to recover.

Monday 7th September 2020.

September 7, 2020

We talk about knives in the last our today with Daniel Arias.

Monday 7th September 2020.

September 7, 2020

Some more lock-down easing… And the legislative seems to forget who they work for.

Monday 31st August 2020.

August 31, 2020

Artist Gabe Wong donates with other artist paintings for Oir es Vivir.

Monday 31st August 2020.

August 31, 2020

Covid-19 round-up of the last week. Moody’s takes a look at Panama’s economy.

Monday 24th August 2020.

August 24, 2020

The Shriner’s of Panama.

Monday 24th August 2020.

August 24, 2020

Covid-19 figures continue to improve. Vaccine trials hopefully to start in Sept. Two national team footballers infected with corona-virus.

Monday 17th August 2020.

August 17, 2020

Relax with me, as to day is just you, me and the music.

Monday 17th August 2020.

August 17, 2020

Covid-19 figures remaining high without improvement for nearly four months.

Monday 10th August 2020.

August 10, 2020

Today we chat with Panamanian Jazz Icon Idania Dowman about here new album “Al Desnudo”

Monday 10th August 2020.

August 10, 2020

Covid figures don’t improve. lives lost and property destroyed due to rains. Panamanian Cyclist in Milan San-Remo race.

Monday 3rd August 2020

August 3, 2020

We chat with Carolina Freire of Fundacion Volunatarios

Monday 3rd August 2020.

August 3, 2020

Today’s news dominated by Covid-19 as case numbers fail to improve.

Monday 27th July 2020.

July 27, 2020

The origin of the *ADOPTA BOSQUE* Association.
We chat with Guido Berguido.

Monday 27th July 2020.

July 27, 2020

Covid testing reaches 4000 per day goal, Matinelli family saga continues, will covid threaten the coffee harvest.

Monday 20th July 2020.

July 20, 2020

We talk to CGM their  focus is on the cemetery preservation and maintenance of the ancestors and their families who are buried in these cemeteries.

Monday 20th July 2020.

July 20, 2020

Covid-19 Report. Suspect apprehended in the murder of 7 youth’s in Colon. Ministry of Health at last looks into Hospital Hotels sanitary contract.

Monday 13th July 2020.

July 13, 2020

It is you, me and the music as we start a new week.

Monday 13th July 2020.

July 13, 2020

Covid-19 records broken daily. Martinelli sons case in Guatemala &600 Trucks used to move containers after bridge damage.

Monday 6th July 2020.

July 6, 2020

Corprensa, court orders sequestration on behalf of Ex President.

Monday 6th July 2020.

July 6, 2020

The International School on teaching virtually and today a Virtual Open Day.

Monday 29th June 2020.

June 29, 2020

1028 new cases of Covid-19 in a day, a record. Moratoriums with the banks and utility companies – restructure.

Monday 22nd June 2020.

June 22, 2020

We chat with Min Chen co-founder and joint CEO of Wisy and into space with Carlos Rogers

Monday 22nd June 2020.

June 22, 2020

Covid-19 update. PRD and Jimmy’s restaurant fined after protests.

Monday 15th June 2020.

June 15, 2020

Fundiscopa bring people and music together.

Monday 15th June 2020.

June 15, 2020

627 new cases of Covid-19. CSS ads new ICU beds.

Monday 8th June 2020.

June 8, 2020

Great music and a rummage around the Internet.

Monday 8th June 2020

June 8, 2020

Panama goes back to full lock-down an Beauty salons told to get ready to open.

Monday 1st June 2020.

June 1, 2020

As we come out of full lock-down, slight changes to the schedule within the program.

The news Monday 1st June 2020.

June 1, 2020

Covid-19 cases rising as we enter into next phase of “New Normal”

Monday 25th May 2020. We chat today with Rosabel Miro from the Audubon Society.

May 25, 2020

Global Big Day for the Audubon Society of Panama. How did they do?

Monday 25th May 2020.

May 25, 2020

Frustration on new normal opening and counterfeit money bust.

Monday 18th May 2020. We take a good rummage around my record collection and the Internet.

May 18, 2020

The first album of the week on today’s TBS plus plenty more.

The news from the Republic of Panama Monday 18th May 2020.

May 18, 2020

Keeping up to date on the news from the Republic of Panama.

Monday 11th May 2020. You, me & the Music and a tribute to Little Richard

May 11, 2020

   A quiet start to the week as we take a good look around the Internet looking for some good news stories for a change. Workout 10 minutes this morning at 7:45 a tribute to Little Richard who passed away at the weekend, you will need to be fit to keep up with this […]

Monday 27th April 2020. We talk to Giovanna Troncoso from Oir es Vivir, a foundation helping bring back hearing to the impaired.

April 27, 2020

In the last hour of today’s program we have as our telephone guest Sra Giovanna Troncoso from Fundacion Oir es Vivir. The foundation does amazing work in supporting, advising and helping people who are hearing impaired. Giovanna taks about here own experience having a profoundly deaf child and how it was diagnosed at a young […]

Monday 20th April 2020. We chat with Rob Getman about BOB.

April 20, 2020

We get to have a chat over the phone with Rob Getman this morning about BOB. “ With the support and work of  “Mareaverde” BOB (Barrier or Garbage)” is a barrier across the Matías Hernández River. BOB is a floating barrier that traps the debris that the brings, preventing it from reaching the coast and […]

Monday 13th April 2020.You, me the music and we touch base with Anita Litesy from the American Society.

April 13, 2020

Start of a new week ,after what must have been the strangest Easter that any of us have experienced. You, me and the music most of the morning but in the last hour we do check in by phone on Anita Litesy from the American Society. “We here at AMSOC want to continue helping our Adopted […]

Monday 6th April 2020. The new Breakfast Show 6-10am. Domestic violence in Lockdown.

April 6, 2020

Good morning and welcome to the new Breakfast Show, four hours starting at 6am. We link up in the third hour this morning on the phone with Dra Lorena Bethancourt a specialist in the field of domestic violence. With the restrictions brought in to combat the Covid-19 with all day lock-down the issue of domestic […]

Monday 30th March 2020. You, me and the music and some snipets from the Internet.

March 30, 2020

  It is you, me and the music keeping you company for three hours and we take a little rummage around the internet. The Ministry of Health reported, Sunday at their daily briefing, that in the country seven people have died in the last 24 hours, which increases the deaths to 24. In the same […]

Monday 23rd March 2020. Keep spirits up, we play great music and provide info.

March 23, 2020

  Things not improving as death toll goes up to 5, with 313 total cases of coronavirus. Keeping spirits up we play some great music and try to bring a smile…. Covid-19 cases increased this Sunday, March 22, to 313, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported, while the death toll increases to five. The Gorgas […]

Monday 16th March 2020. Restrictions come into place, keeping you up to date.. You, me and the Music.

March 16, 2020

  Keeping you up to date with events in Panama as the Coronavirus State of Emergency brings in new restrictions. You me and the music as well of course. The number of people infected with the new coronavirus (Covid-19) in Panama rose to 55, Health Minister Rosario Turner reported on Sunday, March 15. The director […]

Monday 9th March 2020. You, me and the music. Don’t forget Race day.

March 9, 2020

  You, me and the music most of the morning. Alan Baitel and Yoselyn from the British Chamber pops in to remind us of the upcoming Day at the Races which takes place this coming Saturday the 14th March. The results of the tests carried out on the seven Panamanians who had contact in Panama […]

Monday 2nd March 2020. John Wolff and the beach Jazz/Blues & Rock fest. Also the Cello Fest with Isaac Casal.

March 2, 2020

With me in the second hour John Wolff, who having just finished with the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival is promoting the upcoming Beaches Jazz & Blues Festival that will take place on the 20th through 22nd March at Buenaventura. Check it out here! Isaac Casal takes us from Jazz and Blues to the Classics […]

Monday 24th February – Wednesday 26th February… Enjoy Carnival. Be Safe!

February 21, 2020

Have a wonderful Carnival Break, The Breakfast Show will be back on Thursday 27th February.     Have fun, be safe.            

Monday 17th February 2020. World Clean-Up day 2020.

February 17, 2020

In the last hour today we have a guest with us from from Talin in Estonia, Heidi Solva. And from “Let’s do it Panama” Francisco Pizarro. Both are with “Let’s do it world”.  The say from little acorns  big oak tries grow which is quite apt for today’s chat. It started as National Clean up […]

Monday 10th February 2020. Putting Panama on the map and the 9th Musicalion.

February 10, 2020

  Dominic Moran is my guest in the second hour of the program. Always having a bit of an inclination to mapping and photography and posting them on Google, surprisingly Dominic was contacted by them. Now with the project of mapping Panama for Google Maps Street View. We talk about how it came about, the […]

Monday 3rd February 2020. The 2020 International Film Festival and Geoversity “The Power of Nature.

February 3, 2020

Great to have Pituka Heilbron with us in the studio. Pituka is the power behind the Panama International Film Festival which has become a stable of the movie circuit. Plenty of diverse contributions this year and you can find out more details HERE. The International Film Festival of Panama (IFF Panama) that this year will […]

Monday 27th January 2020. Sogno Circus and you, me and the music.

January 27, 2020

Coming to town on the 8th and 9th of February is Sogno Circus a story for everyone. To tell us all about Claudio Mendoza promoter of the show…. “Dreams of Circus invites young children and adult spectators to jump into the magical world of circus during an immersive journey with “Sogno” exploring an alternative world of […]

Monday 20th January 2020. You, me and the music.

January 20, 2020

    Mario Plátano González, the leader of the sect who sacrificially murdered seven people, almost all members of the same family, was apparently a kind of lone wolf in El Terrón, a town in the Ngäbe Buglé region, where the events occurred. Once again, the National Assembly (AN) launched the bidding process to acquire the electronic voting system. The […]

Monday 13th January 2020. Jazz Pianist Cyrus Chestnut. Art with fabrics exhibition.

January 13, 2020

Welcome to Monday, busy start to the week, the week that the Panama Jazz Festival kicks off. My guest with me in the second hour today is accomplished Jazz pianist Cyrus Chestnut, we talk about his career, how it all started and the great things he is doing to promote Jazz to a new generation. […]

Monday 6th January 2020. You, me, the music and half an hour of nonstop oldies (1965).

January 6, 2020

We go back in time in the second hour today as we have half an hour of nonstop oldies from 8:30 through to 9:00. Other than that you, me and the music. The Commission for the Promotion of Exports (CEFA) approved the issuance of 33 certifications for $ 994,262 to companies that export craft beers, beef, meat […]

Monday 23rd December 2019. The Simons Brothers Band.

December 23, 2019

In the second hour of todays program we have the Simons family with us. Jonathan  age 19, guitarist/manager, Solomon Simons, age 17, pianist and Leonardo Simons, age 13, drummer make up the Simons Brothers Band. We chat about how they got into music, their musical style. We play a couple of tracks from their album […]

Monday 16th December 2019. Alex Reyes (Slim) of Shorty and Slim with some great new songs.

December 16, 2019

    In the second hour great to have Alex Reyes back in the studio with some great news songs as always reflecting life in Panama. ASEO being one of them which is below. Check out Shorty and Slim.   The new attorney general of the Nation will be responsible for preventing impunity from taking […]

Monday 9th December 2019. National holiday in Panama recognizing Mother’s Day.

December 9, 2019

Mother’s day in Panama is celebrated on the 8th of December. The date was chosen being the day of the “Immaculate conception”.

Monday 2nd December 2019. You me and the music, a smooth start to December.

December 2, 2019

As we start a new week, a new month and out run up to Christmas it is just you me and the music. Some 146 thousand 111 people – 7.1% of the workforce – have no job, despite the relentless search for a vacancy in the Panamanian labor market, according to a report by the Comptroller […]

Monday 25th November 2019. You, me and the music as we start a new week.

November 25, 2019

(Sorry first couple of minutes missing) As we start a new week and in fact the last week of November! It is you me and the music, as well as a rummage around the internet… A woman stuck in the bath for eight days, how about making bricks from stray dog poo. Join me for […]

Monday 18th November 2019. Ricardo Velasquez and Mellisa with Alpacachino.

November 18, 2019

In the second hour today Ricardo Velasquez joins me. Ricardo has a two night concert at the newly refurbished Teatro Nacional on the 21st and the 26th of November. We can expect a repertoire that will include a history of his work over the years including some new ideas that he has come up with […]

Monday 28th OCtober 2019. Interview with Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon.

October 28, 2019

  A big thank you to ShowPro who offered us the opportunity to interview Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon last Thursday. They had just arrived to San Juan Puerto Rico for a concert on the Friday evening. REO will be playing here in Panama this Thursday 31st. Kevin who is so easy to talk to […]

Monday 21st October 2019. Environmental Governance Seminar and Subway feed the food bank.

October 21, 2019

In the second hour today our guests are the French Ambassador to the Republic of Panama Hon Brice Roquefeuil and here to talk at the Environmental Governance Seminar is Dr Birgit Muller. “The environmental governance project falls within the framework of the university chair and the cooperation agreement that exists between the University of Panama […]

Monday 14th October 2019. Austin Hess developing tourism and October Treasure’s Bazaar.

October 14, 2019

Austin Hess pops in for his monthly visit. This time we take a look at tourism development in Panama and the app and movie that Austin is developing to promote Panama as a tourism destination. In the last hour we have with us Mariel and Raquel to talk about this coming Saturday the October Treasure […]

Monday 7th October 2019. BIZ FIT 2019 and renown artist Rossella Gilli

October 7, 2019

In the second hour today we have with us Carolina Orantes Director of CAPATEC.  “BIZ FIT, an event that reunites the latest trending topics in Technology and Telecommunications will take place this october 10th, with a new and challenging business and entrepreneurship format. It is organized by CAPATEC and Ciudad del Saber, where it will […]

Monday 23rd September 2019. PFLAG Panama and artist Harry Segil.

September 23, 2019

PFLAG Panama and artist Harry Segil.

Monday 16th September 2019. Mission Coral making lights and Rodrigo Lam loosing weight.

September 16, 2019

Carolina & Marela, recycle plastic,  Rodrigo Lam looses weight.

Monday 9th September 2019. A quiet start to the week, it’s you, me and the music.

September 9, 2019

You, me and the music to start off the week.

Monday 26th August 2019. You, me and the music.

August 26, 2019

It is just you, me and the music on this Monday morning.

Monday 5th August 2019. Panama good times and a Classical Concert.

August 5, 2019

Panama Good Times App and traveling Classical Concert.

Monday 29th July 2019. BBQ competition in the Rainforest.

July 29, 2019

A BBQ competition in the Gamboa rainforest.

Monday 15th July 2019. An Internet rummage and an Anime Concert.

July 15, 2019

Anime concert coming in August.

Monday 24th June 2019. Beachers going to the USA and Julie Rousseau performs in Panama.

June 24, 2019

The Beachers are going to NY and Julie Rousseau is going to sing in Panama.

Monday 17th June 2019. Club Leones (Lions Club) of Panama operetta event.

June 17, 2019

A night of Operetta put on by Club Leones.

Monday 10th June 2019. We talk cars with Vale Motors.

June 10, 2019

We talk cars with Vale Motors

Monday 3rd June 2019. We talk pop events and the classics with Sebastien and Lea.

June 3, 2019

Pop with Billy Herron and Classics with Lea and Sebastien

Monday 27th May 2019. UK and Panama as we chat with the British Ambassador

May 27, 2019

The British Ambassador to the Republic of Panama, the Hon Damion Potter.

Monday 20th May 2019. Medical Care for U.S. Veterans and accomplish artist Yael Danon.

May 20, 2019

Medical care for veterans and Yael Danon, her new single.

Monday 13th May 2019. Music, news and events for Black Ethnicity month.

May 13, 2019

Three hours of music and a bit of chat. Events in Rio Abajo celebrating Africa en America.

Monday 6th May 2019. You, me and the music. Oh yes and an Internet rummage.

May 6, 2019

A quiet Monday no guest just me, some music and a look around the Internet.

Monday 29th April 2019. Fufo Caparo comedy and it’s about drumming with Jas Kayser.

April 29, 2019

What a blast for a Monday morning, Comedy with Fufo and drummer Jas Kayser.

Monday 22nd April 2019. Earth Day!

April 22, 2019

Today is Earth Day so we take a look at some of the fascinating facts about our planet.

Monday 15th April 2019. Police and Fleetwood Mac cover band.

April 15, 2019

Playing live Eduardo, Lisa, Pitongo, covers of Police.

Monday 8th April 2019. You, me and the music.

April 8, 2019

Relaxing start to the week, just the two of us (you and me).

Monday 1st April 2019. Conference on Financial Compliance and Air Europa starts in June.

April 1, 2019

Our guests today, Sr Lubomir Dubrev from ACAMS and Sr Carlos Conde from Air Europe.

Monday 25th March 2019. Fun with pets and family at the Holiday Inn at the Panama Canal.

March 25, 2019

Pet and family day out at the Holiday Inn @ the Panama Canal.

Monday 18th March 2019. You, me and the music….

March 18, 2019

Just you, me and the music…

Monday 11th March 2019. You, me and the music, getting you back to school!

March 11, 2019

You, me and the music. George Michael the serious art collector and Bryan Adams Summer of 69, back then not played by the BBC.

Monday 25th February 2019. A tourists perspective and singer songwriter Carlos Vallarino.

February 25, 2019

We look at Panama through the eyes of a tourist and we have a talented Singer/Songwriter Carlos Vallarino.

Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd February. Vacation week but 2hrs per day.

February 24, 2019

Two hours per day to get you to work whilst I explore Panama!

Monday 11th February 2019. We talk micro Algae today with Jennifer Gil on the day of women and girls in science.

February 11, 2019

Jennifer Gil who is working with the Smithsonian talks to us about her studies of Algae and Micro Algae and its properties.

Monday 4th February 2019. Stand up comedy and the Baby Fair.

February 4, 2019

Stand up comedy coming to Murphy’s and the fifteenth Baby Fair.

Monday 28th January 2019. You, me, music and a rummage around the Internet.

January 28, 2019

After World Youth Day we settle back into our routine.

Monday 21st January 2019. You, me and the Music!

January 21, 2019

All quiet, as we start the World Youth Day which will last all week! Just me and the music.

Monday 14th January 2019. Carlos Rogers all things astronomical.

January 14, 2019

Astronomy with Carlos Rogers.

Monday 7th January 2019. You, me and the music this morning.

January 7, 2019

Enjoy, a relaxing Monday morning. You, me and the music.

Monday 24th December 2018. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

December 24, 2018

Three hours of Christmas music to help your celebrations.

Monday 17th December 2018. Mayra Hurley, singer/songwriter, actress.

December 17, 2018

In the last hour, actress, singer/songwriter Mayra Hurley.

Monday 10th December 2018. You, me and the Music.

December 10, 2018

A rummage through the music collection and slipping in a few more Christmas songs.

Monday 3rd December 2018. You, me & the Music, Summer songs…

December 3, 2018

Christmas and summer music!

Monday 19th November 2018. Our daily rummage and entertainment at Murphy’s California Kitchen.

November 19, 2018

Our daily rummage and entertainment at Murphy’s California Kitchen.

Monday 12th November 2018. Anti Money Laundering, Risk -based Matrix.

November 12, 2018

Anti Money Laundering, building a Risk-Based Matrix.

Monday 29th October 2018. Panama Good Times and a passion for recycling.

October 29, 2018

Good Times in Panama with Austin Hess and Recycling passion with Edison Broce.

Monday 15th October 2018. Felipe Motta Wine Fest and Human Persons

October 15, 2018

A chance to learn about and enjoy more that 260 wines. Then go to the movies “Human Persons”

Monday 8th October 2018. Prisma, a week of Dance.

October 8, 2018

A week of amazing dance from around the world.

Monday 1st October 2018. Deported Colonel – A book by Jeanette Stone.

October 1, 2018

The book Deported Colonel by Jeanette Stone is the topic in the last hour today.

Monday 24th September 2018. Monalisa and Rodrigo’s new album, “Querer y Poder”

September 24, 2018

Querer y Poder the new album from Monalisa and Rodrigo.

Monday 17th September 2018. Great to be back! Rob Getman and Every Brilliant Thing.

September 17, 2018

After a nice break good to be back. Mental health through a play, we chat to Rob Getman.

Monday 3rd September 2018. Happy September, you, me and the music this morning.

September 3, 2018

Happy September, you, me and the music this Monday morning.

Monday 27th August 2018. New event at the MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art).

August 27, 2018

Fotoseptiembre coming to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Monday 20th August 2018. Tambores in David and learning English the fun way.

August 20, 2018

Fun playing drums, fun learning English>

Monday 13th August 2018. You, me and the music and a bit of a rummage.

August 13, 2018

Great music, your requests and a look around the Internet.

Monday 6th August 2018. Cellist Isaac Casal.

August 6, 2018

Cellist Isaac Casal, talking about the tour of Panama by Ensemblast.

Monday 30th July 2018. Horrendous weather to start the week. But Heathers the musical is coming!

July 30, 2018

Despite horrendous weather we brighten up the morning with Levys from the Theatre Guild of Ancon to talk about Heathers the Musical.

Monday 23rd July 2018. You, me and the music and an Internet rummage of course!

July 23, 2018

Coming out of the music collection this morning the opening from Jeff Waynes “War of the Worlds”

Monday 16th July 2018. Special guest Akiel Griffiths, entrepreneur.

July 16, 2018

How to promote yourself or your company. Music Supervisor and Public speaker. My guest today.

Monday 9th July 2018. Relax… You, me and the music.

July 9, 2018

A few stories from around the Internet and some great music.

Monday 2nd July 2018. Musicians John Carney and Mike Dennis.

July 2, 2018

Musicians John Carney and Mike Dennis, performing for the 4th of July.

Monday 25th June 2018. Gentle start to the week, we take a rummage around our music collection.

June 25, 2018

Program Audio: Getting your week off on the right foot. Great music, news and bits and pieces from the Internet. News Audio: The Public Ministry (MP) announced that it is ready and prepared to attend to the hearing in the case of the unauthorized interception of communications from the National Security Council (CSN), which is […]

Monday 18th June 2018. GO PANAMA!!

June 18, 2018

You, me and the music this morning.

Monday 11th June 2018. Anniverary Song and a rummage around the Internet.

June 11, 2018

Anniversary song and man gets bitten by decapitated snake!

Monday 28th May 2018. The band Entre Nos and the Crown Plaza Hotel

May 28, 2018

The Panamanian Band Entre Nos, Robert Spratt. The Crown Plaza , William Albarran.

Monday 21st May 2018. You, me & the Music.

May 21, 2018

What Meghan (the Duchess of Sussex) will not be able to do.

Monday 14th May 2018. Skin Cancer, this mornings topic.

May 14, 2018

Find out about the plan for the month of May to check for skin Cancer.

Tuesday 8th May 2018. Animal cruelty law & Feisty Foodie Sara.

May 8, 2018

The law passed to protect animals and cooking for Mothers Day.

Monday 7th May 2018. Waved Foundation helping children.

May 7, 2018

Helping to educate children through surfing and swimming.

Monday, 30th April 2018. Global Big Day!

April 30, 2018

Counting birds, that is what we are looking at on the Global Big Day!

Monday 16th April 2018. Relax with Swami Paramtej. Learn English with Natural English.

April 16, 2018

Relaxation with Swami Paramtej in the second hour and English made easy “Natural English”

Monday 9th April 2018. Dr Jose Torres Sales – Asthma.

April 9, 2018

Dr Torres from Glaxo Smith Klein talks about Asthma (Last hour)

Monday 2nd April 2018. You, me and the Music.

April 2, 2018

Nice start after the long weekend, some new, some old music and a rummage around the Internet.

Monday 26th March 2018. Fast Friending and Alex of Shorty & Slim.

March 26, 2018

Deborah Lindsey and Fast Friending, also Alex Reyes (Slim of Shorty and Slim).

Monday 19th March 2018. International Film Festival Panama.

March 19, 2018

The Seventh International Film Festival Panama. We chat with Hilary Hughes…

Monday 12th March 2018. A quiet start to the week!

March 12, 2018

You, me and the Music!

Monday 5th March 2018. You, me and the Music..

March 5, 2018

Relaxing Monday morning. You, me and the music.

Monday 26th February 2018. Snoring and Musicalion.

February 26, 2018

Asonor, a way to stop snoring and Musicalion, entertainment all week.

Monday 19th February 2018. Cabaret Caliente with Ingrid and Keitha

February 19, 2018

What a way to start a week! Ingrid and Keitha from the Theatre Guild of Ancon.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 12/13/14th February 2018

February 9, 2018


Monday 5th February 2018. You, me and the Music.

February 5, 2018

Variety of music and a look around the Internet.

Monday 29th January 2018. Panama Good Times and Other Desert Cities.

January 29, 2018

Latest publication of the Panama Good Times and from the Theatre Guild “Other Desert Cities”

Monday 22nd January 2018. Ajani Griffith, Songwriter and Entrepreneur.

January 22, 2018

Songwriter, producer and entrepreneur, Ajani Griffith.

Monday 8th January 2018. Rally against corruption.

January 8, 2018

Rally against corruption tomorrow the 9th at 9am on the Cinta Costera.

Monday 18th December 2017. Late this morning due to tech issues.

December 18, 2017

Short program this morning. Techie issues fixed back to normal tomorrow.

Monday 27th November 2017. Panamanian group “Entre Nos” and Panamanian Artist Al Sprague.

November 27, 2017

Music from Entre Nos and Art with Al Sprague and Mathew Hotsko.

Monday 20th November 2017. You, me and the music.

November 20, 2017

Nice start to the week, we take a rummage through the music collection and the web.

Monday 13th November 2017. British Ambassador, Panama/Wales football match.

November 13, 2017

Panama vs Wales, tomorrow. How will they do? We chat to the British Ambassador to Panama.

Monday 30th October 2017. Preschool from Singapore and inspiring employees.

October 30, 2017

Preschool educational project from Singapore and management skills in the last hour.

23rd October 2017. You, me the music and a cold!

October 23, 2017

That time of the year for a cold. So a different voice this morning!

Monday 16th October 2017. Billy Herron talks about Los Beachers.

October 16, 2017

In the second hour Billy Herron, Producer for The Beachers.

Monday 9th October 2017. Cats the musical and Caravana Quiz Night.

October 9, 2017

Cats the Panama production and USA/UK Quiz Night.

Monday 2nd October 2017. Quiz Master and Children’s books author, Canada Plus & Newsroom Panama.

October 2, 2017

Matt Glover who is also Charlie Parris, David Young from the Canada Plus Foundation and Newsroom Panama.

Monday 25th September 2017. In the last hour Expo F.

September 25, 2017

Expo F all you need to know about power tools plus much more.

Monday 18th September 2017. All the way from France Clea Vincent performing at the RIU.

September 18, 2017

French artists Clea Vincent and Rafael Leger talking about their music.

Monday 11th September 2017. Ensena Panama and Expo Mama.

September 11, 2017

Training teachers to work in schools across the country. Expo Mama this weekend at Albrook.

Monday 4th September 2017. WavEd Foundation, surfing for good causes.

September 4, 2017

A dollar a Wave surfing program. The WavEd Foundation helping schools and children.

Monday 28th August 2017. Today’s topic Expo Mama 2017.

August 28, 2017

Expo Mama is at Albrook Mall on the 16th and 17th September.

You, me the music… Oh yes and the eclipse…

August 21, 2017

We take a rummage through the record collection and some eclipse hints.

Monday 14th August 2017. 4 in 48, Ancon Theatre Guild and the Panama Fresh Market.

August 14, 2017

4 in 48 and the Panama Fresh Local Market. Plus some great music of course.

Monday 7th August 2017. You, me the music and Giancarlo Benedetti

August 7, 2017

Manuelita the play, we chat to Giancarlo Benedetti. Also we take a rummage around the Internet,

Monday 31st July 2017. Caminando La Dorada.

July 31, 2017

Walking in El Valle with Caminando La Dorada. Rob Getman tells us what it all about.

Monday 24th July 2017. A visit to a Moringa farm and Theatre Guild Improv8.

July 24, 2017

A visit to a moringa farm and Improv8 – Ancon Theatre Guild.

Monday 17th July 2017. Casa Esperanza, celebrating 25 years.

July 17, 2017

Patricia Mendez joins me to talk about 25 years of Casa Esperanza.

Monday 10th July 2017. Mail boxes and competitive swimming.

July 10, 2017

Mail Boxes Etc in Casco Antiguo and Melissa competitive swimmer.

Monday 3rd July 2017. You, me and the music.

July 3, 2017

Relaxing start to the week as we rummage around for good music and some interesting facts.

Monday 26th June 2017. Musician Luis David Bonilla.

June 26, 2017

Luis David Bonilla playing live for us this morning.

Monday 19th June 2017. Golf with Guy Cross.

June 19, 2017

Talking golf with Guy Cross in the second hour this morning.

Monday 12th June 2017. Fundacion Vida Eterna & Festival Nuevo Teatro.

June 12, 2017

Fundacion Vida Eterna & Festival Nuevo Teatro.

Monday 5th June 2017. Gelato & Co and Luna Llena de Tambores.

June 5, 2017

What a way to start the week, Gelato! Also it is time to enjoy another Luna Llena de Tambores.

Monday 29th May 2017. You, me and the music.

May 29, 2017

Time to relax, you, me and the music.

Monday 22nd May 2017. The Andromeda Project and a Cemetery cleanup.

May 22, 2017

Imparting knowledge through the Andromeda project and preserving Panama’s cemeteries in Corozal. Gatun and Mt Hope.

Monday 15th May 2017. Get your hearing checked!

May 15, 2017

Carlos Rogers is promoting the event coming up on the 27th May whereby you can get your hearing checked for free. Plus great music much of which are your requests.

Monday 8th May 2017. La Vespa, eating Italian.

May 8, 2017

It’s Italian Monday as we chat to Diana Cabezas from the “La Vespa” restaurant group.

Monday 24th April 2017. Welcome to the last week in April.

April 24, 2017

Among other topics a new album by Ray Davis of the Kinks called Americana.

Monday 17th April 2017. Quiet return from Easter, you, me and the Music.

April 17, 2017

It’s just you, me and the music this Monday morning.

Monday 10th April 2017. You, me and the music.

April 10, 2017

We take a look around the Internet and a rummage through the music collection.

Monday 3rd April 2017. Austin Hess and the Panama Good Times.

April 3, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Program audio: [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”75″][vc_column_text]Austin Hess is back with us for his monthly visit. What is going on out at the Perlas Islands? A treat in Taboga, there is one coming soon. A tennis tournament, plenty happening. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]The News: [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”50″][vc_column_text] With Guillermo Márquez Amado, Donaldo Sousa and José Chen Barría as key speakers, […]

Monday 27th March 2017. Autism month events with Mrs Dabaiba Nilipour.

March 27, 2017

As we come up to April, Autism Awareness month we chat to Mrs Dabaiba Nilipour from Fundacion Soy Capaz.

Monday 20th March 2017. St Luke’s link-up “Water Justice”

March 20, 2017

Sarah Simpson and Francis Wilson join me to talk about the link up with the Trinity Insttitue.

Monday 13th March 2017. Red Cross Centenary and Skin Cancer awareness.

March 13, 2017

Red Cross Centenary and Skin Cancer awareness!

Monday 6th March 2017. You, me and the music.

March 6, 2017

A a quiet start to the week as it is back to school!

Monday 20th February 2017. You, Me and the Music.

February 20, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Program audio: [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”75″][vc_column_text]   You, me and the Music this morning as we take a rummage through my music catalogue. Also a look at some of the stories in the press..[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]The News: [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”50″][vc_column_text] The presidents of Panama and the United States, Juan Carlos Varela and Donald Trump, spoke by telephone at […]

Monday 13th February 2017. MUPA event and US Taxation.

February 13, 2017

MUPA Festival with Leila and getting your US taxes sorted out with Clinton Donnelly.

Monday 6th February 2017. Javier Medina Bernal musician.

February 6, 2017

Special guest on this mornings program Javier Medina Bernal, in the last hour of the show.

Monday 30th January 2017. You, me and the music to start off the week.

January 30, 2017

A chance to just relax and play some tunes and look around at what is happening!

Monday 23rd January 2017. The Restaurant magazine, and English phrases.

January 23, 2017

The Restaurant magazine the new edition and we start today our look at English phrases….

Monday 16th January 2016. Panamanian Singer NinaLee Abadi.

January 16, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Program audio: [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”75″][vc_column_text] A return visit after about five years we have Ninalee Abadi with us, she has bought out a new album “Angel Amor.” We catch up on her exploits and play a few tracks from the album. [/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”” title=”“Como Ganar“ Ninalee Abadi.”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]The News: [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”50″][vc_column_text] Attorney General Secretary Rolando […]

Monday 9th January 2017. Martyrs Day. (Public Holiday)

January 10, 2017

Monday Panama remembers: Martyrs’ Day is a Panamanian Day of National Mourning which commemorates the January 9, 1964 riots over sovereignty of the Panama Canal Zone. The riot started after a Panamanian flag was torn and Panamanian students were killed during a conflict with Canal Zone Police officers and Canal Zone residents. U.S. Army units […]

Monday 26th December 2016 – Monday 2nd January 2017. We take our year end break.

December 25, 2016

As we take our end of the year break, on behalf of all of The Breakfast Show team we wish you HEALTH, Happiness and Prosperity for 2017. Looking forward to being back with you on Tuesday the 3rd of January.

Monday 19th December 2016. Frantic Ballerinas Christmas!!

December 19, 2016

The Frantic Ballerinas, Mona Lisa Arias and Alfonso Lewis, they are all here to promote a Panama Christmas a new release…. Fabulous!

Monday 12th December 2016. You, me and a bit of Christmas music.

December 12, 2016

We look at some Christmas facts and get in some great tracks this morning…

Monday 5th December 2016. You, me and the music as we start a countdown to Christmas.

December 5, 2016

Start Christmas as we increase our Christmas music daily now until we have a full three hours of Christmas celebration on the 23rd Dec.

Monday 21st November 2016. Carols by Candlelight and Funky music with Luis David and Nando.

November 21, 2016

I remember seven years ago when David Young told me that he wanted to bring “Carols by Candlelight” to Panama having seen it in Canada…Welcome back to TBS Luis David Bonilla, his guitar and his friend Nando, they have a great evening coming up…

Monday 14th November 2016. Balls & Bazaars.

November 14, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Program audio: [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”75″][vc_column_text] Donna Wilkins and Bernard Callaghan are with me in the second hour of this mornings program as it is that time of the year again, Joy and goodwill to all men (and women). One of the joyous events is the annual British Ball, which this year will be on the […]

Monday 7th November 2016. It’s just you, me, the music and a rummage.

November 7, 2016

Nice relaxing start after the holidays…. which was spent rebuilding the studio!!

Monday 31st October 2016. So sad, I didn’t get to the program.

October 31, 2016

Vertigo takes over on Haloween, so sorry did not make it to the studio.

Monday 24th October 2016. Caravana 2016.

October 24, 2016

Caravana 2016, that time of the year when over 30 countries get together display their handycrafts. cuisine and drink….

Monday 17th October 2016. Run for a unified Korea and USA election voting.

October 17, 2016

Today, a walk in aid of the Unification Pacifica de Corea, and voting in the USA elections… Just three weeks away!

Monday 10th October 2016. Acoustic Beatles with Luis David and Carlos.

October 10, 2016

A special treat this morning, in the last hour Luis David Bonilla and Carlos Quiros join me. Promoting their event on Wednesday at the Teatro Amador.

Monday 3rd October 2016. Contemporary Dance (Prisma 16)

October 3, 2016

The Prisma Festival of Contemporary Dance is back. Ximena Eleta de Sierra joins TBS this morning to talk about the events taking place during the festival.

Monday 26th September2016. Italian cuisine at La Vespa.

September 26, 2016

It’s all about Italian cuisine today, as Iconic as the Vespa itself.

Monday 19th September 2016. Nice easy morning after a weeks break.

September 19, 2016

Great to be back, First DJ works in a Tuxedo, airport robbery and store shopping to be a thing of the past?

Monday 12th September 2016. A couple of hours “virtual TBS”

September 11, 2016

Away on vacation for the week… but still here in spirit. Enjoy.

Monday 5th September 2016. You, me, the music and beards.

September 5, 2016

Happy holiday to our listeners in the USA, Labor day today and on this day in the year 1698 – In an effort to westernize his nobility, Tsar Peter I of Russia imposes a tax on beards for all men except the clergy and peasantry.

29th August 2016. R.I.P. Juan Gabriel.

August 29, 2016

Time to celebrate good times… Austin Hess talks about the latest publication of the monthly paper “Panama Good Times.” Also a couple of tracks this morning from Juan Gabriel who passed yesterday the 29th from a heart attack.

Monday 22nd August 2016. You, me, the music and the body.

August 22, 2016

Welcome to a brand new week, and today it is you, me the music and a rummage around the Internet. Today some things that you perhaps did not know about the body. When you get older your feet can get longer? Old people smell nice? Have a listen to today’s program for the answers

Monday 15th August 2016. You, me, the music and weird Olympic sports.

August 15, 2016

Nice quiet way to start off the week. We meander through my music collection, some of your requests and among other stories that we find on the Internet this morning, how about some weird Olympic sports that got themselves on the to have a go at list. Underwater swimming and how about the Greek Sailors swim?

Monday 8th August 2016. Relax at Mee Spa and IV Festival Arte Dule.

August 8, 2016

A great start to the week. Guests in the second hour this morning Jose and Clarissa from the Mee Spa at the Yoo building. A brand new project with a different slant on the meaning of relax.

In this mornings last hour Nailasob Alfaro, it is time for the IV Festival de Artes Dule.

Monday 1st August 2016. A good start to a new month, you, me and the Music.

August 1, 2016

Indeed a nice relaxing start to a new day, a new week and a new month! No guests this morning so a good opportunity to play some great music and have a rummage around the Internet. How about the man who keeps donkeys in the UK and says they talk to him?

Monday 25th July 2016. Sustainable board game, “Ecopolis”

July 25, 2016

A brand new board game developed by my guest in the last hour this morning, Andres Tarte… The name of the game Ecopolis.

A strategy game on developing an urban environment with the minimal used of natural resources.

What would you do to improve the quality of life of the population while avoiding the consumption of natural resources to skyrocket? This is the biggest challenge facing humanity, and which must assume when playing ECOPOLIS.

Monday 18th July 2016. Katherine Bucktron, Aerial Dance.

July 18, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Program audio: [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”75″][vc_column_text] Today in the second hour of the program we have with us Katherine Bucktron de Olle to talk to us about an event that is taking place between the 30th July and the 2nd of August Mar del Sur a contemporary aerial dance. This will be performed at the Auditorium/Theatre […]

Monday 11th July 2016. Rumba a la Decima!

July 11, 2016

In the last hour this morning we chat with Anna Carrizo from Fundacion Aleman Healy about the upcoming event on Wednesday “Rumba a la Decima” a great evening to raise funds for the X Bienal Centroamerica, we are sending fourteen local Panama artists this year, more info

Monday 4th July 2016. Things that show you could be smarter than you think.

July 4, 2016

Quite Monday morning, we were having David Young joining us but due to a leaky bathroom ceiling (ours not his) we postponed for tomorrow. What we do have for you this morning great music going through from 7am to 10am, also a look at eight things that could show that you are smarter than average!

Monday 27th June 2016. Quiet Monday, you me and the music.

June 27, 2016

Nice quiet start to the week, just you me and a rummage around the Internet.

radioThe day the gramophone was patented as was a system of transmitting television pictures.

Monday 20th June 2016. Entre Nos at Fiesta de la Musica.

June 20, 2016

Starting off a new week and in the second hour today we have Robert Spratt from the group Entre Nos a musical due which evolved from a group that the set up at college called, I like the name of this group “Open Bar,” one sure way of getting an audience!

Monday 13th June 2016. UBER Panama.

June 13, 2016

We get a better idea as to how UBER works and the recruitment of drivers and what is required in order to work for UBER. Also we look at some of the obvious questions as to how UBER fits in with the transportation system and the opposition that they encounter. Have a listen to find out more.

Monday 6th June through to Thursday 9th June 2016.

June 5, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][thb_gap height=”50″][vc_column_text] Due to traveling this week I will not be on air Monday through to Thursday, back to normal on Friday. So in the meantime to get you off to work in the mornings we are going to take a look at some of the music that was on the Billboard Hot 100 […]

Monday 30th May 2016. Memorial day and dead Hard Drive.

May 30, 2016

Don’t work with children, animals that is what they say. Well I have one more to add… Don’t work with technology, great whilst it is working then. When it is not, well that is something that we had to deal with this morning as on of the hard drives that contains the music database packed up.

Monday 23rd May 2016. Tony Memmel and his band.

May 23, 2016

It was great to have in the studio this morning Tony Memmel together with Leslie and Ben from his band. Apart from being a great musician and songwriter Tony had to overcome adversity. Wanting to play the guitar is one thing, wanting to play the guitar with a missing left forearm is another.

Monday 16th May 2016. Love is Love and Recycling.

May 16, 2016

A new series of events are going to be put on between now and September of this year with the purpose of bringing awareness with regards to the Gay, Lesbian and Trans Gender population in Panama. Starting on Wednesday of this week with a talk entitled “El mito de las Loca y la Marimacha en el Teatro Panameño” at the Biblioteca Simón Bolivar 7pm.

Monday 9th May. You, me and the music.

May 10, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Monday program audio: [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”50″][vc_column_text] It is you, me and the music on this Monday morning. We take a rummage around my music collection and also some of the things that are happening internationally. The UK after having elections vote in the first Muslim Mayor of the City of London Sadiq Khan. [/vc_column_text][thb_gap height=”75″][vc_video […]

Nice to be back

April 25, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][thb_image alignment=”center” image=”500″][vc_column_text]Nice to be back after a little break, a trip to Santiago Chile. This morning you, me and the music and I break myself back in gently! We also take a look at a little trivia. Track of the Day….. Track of the day, Prince and When doves Cry.[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”″ align=”center”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]On […]